Introducing Fernando

Exercise Is Medicine! If you didn’t know it, that is my life moto. When I was a teenager and realising myself as a young man I turned to fitness to escape my daily routine, build my confidence, build my body strength and improve my health. I have never looked back since and pursued a career in fitness.

After working for many major gym chains in London for years, I decided to go it solo and create my own Fitness company running outdoor fitness bootcamps. I have done this for the past fifteen years. This has been and continues to be my pride and joy. My fitness success is also partly down to my extremely loyal following and my ability to get people exercising and seeing results. In these testing times, my journey has now evolved to also offer a wide range of fun and relatable live-stream fitness classes.

Drawing upon my 17 years experience as a fitness professional, I will put you through your paces within the comfort of your home.

My classes are designed to be accessible for a variety of levels. They require minimal equipment and focuses on using your own bodyweight and small equipment such as hand weights, kettlebells and resistance bands.

You can choose our HIIT style classes that will increase your metabolism and burn stubborn fat for hours after the class is over, tone your muscles and leaving you feeling energised and invincible. You can also choose our Pilates class which is perfect for strengthening the core, stretching the muscles and aligning the body in a relaxing atmosphere where there is flow and control. My other classes to choose from include Body Conditioning, Kettlebells Fitness, Abs, Back and Butt workout.

All you will need is roughly 2mx2m (the length of your body) of free space in your bedroom, living-room, back garden or communal area and access to wifi on a device with a screen big enough to see me clearly. So go on!!! What are you waiting for? Get in touch! Get moving!!!

A large proportion of my participants having attended my classes several years. Hear what they have to say about our most recent online sessions:

  • “I haven’t moved my body this much in 35 years”

  • “Fernando will give you tears of laughter and pain all at the same time”

  • “His addictive personality and his comedic approach to fitness will keep you fully entertained whilst working hard.”


See the TIMETABLE page for all details of days and times and how to make your purchase.


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