Terms and Conditions

Taking part in the online fitness sessions by Fitness with Fernando means that you agree to the Terms and Conditions set out below.

1. By purchasing a session/ sessions you confirm to attend those sessions at the date/s and time/s as listed in your purchase.

2. You accept and agree that all sessions take place online via Zoom web conferencing and that you will need a phone, tablet, computer of internet ready TV with a functioning camera so as to be able to be seen by the instructor.

3. You accept and agree that you must set out an exercising space within your home for the exercising and as a recommendation this space should be the length of your body lying down on the ground in both position of a cross. You further accept and agree that there will be no obstructions in your way that would prevent you from exercising effectively, safely and comfortably.

4. You accept and agree that a Health History Questionnaire must be filled out by all clients (you) and submitted to Fitness with Fernando before the start of your first session with us.

5. You accept and agree that fees for the sessions must be paid in full before the start of the session.

6. You accept and agree that there are no refunds.

7 . You accept and agree that there are no discounts besides the discount already applicable for purchasing a package of six or more sessions.

8. You accept and agree that there are no transfer of sessions and if you miss, you miss.

9. You accept and agree that the online Zoom sessions will open up 5-10 minutes before the session start time and that the session will be locked five minutes after the session has started and therefore if you are not signed in and in the session within the first five minutes (warm-up period) then you will be locked out and that session will be lost.

10. You accept and agree that your attire for exercising must be appropriate for exercising such as gym attire and loose fitting clothing. You also accept and agree to ensure that you are wearing appropriate footwear such as trainers. Being barefoot is not acceptable.

11. You accept and agree not to share the Zoom code with a third party who has not purchased a session. Only confirmed participant will be allowed to enter the Zoom workout and any unidentified participant will be removed. Screen Sharing is deactivated and therefore participants can only view the session from one device.

12. You accept and agree that in the unlikely event of a cancellation that we reserve the right to cancel and reschedule a session/s. The rescheduled date and time will be in line with the current dates and time already being offered online.

Fitness with Fernando is committed to providing an excellent workout experience and constantly aims to get clients realising their full fitness potential. Achieving this is a shared experience we yourselves and us. We value our clients and strive to provide a customer service that equals the positive fitness results seen by our clients. We frequently review our product and service to ensure that this is the case.

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